First blog post

Morelifestyle is a blog dedicated to sharing our passion for all things lifestyle. We are two sisters living in Australia, who for a while now have had a passion for taking photos. We thought why not write about the things we love and take pictures of them too. For this blog, we are going to be sharing our interest in all things lifestyle from beauty to fitness to recipes and favourite products.


Writing a blog has been something we have thought about doing for a while but we never really knew what to write about so we thought why not write about anything and everything (well lifestyle related). We really enjoy reading others blogs about makeup and recipes so we thought why not write my own. What have we got to lose 🙂 We aren’t sure as to how often we will post or when, but we plan on pumping out the blog posts to start and get a feel for what we want to write about and how we will style it. 

We are open to any ideas on what to write about and hope that you all enjoy reading about our thoughts on all things lifestyle.

Feel free to follow us on Instagram where we will post many more photos. @_morelifestyle


Thank you for reading 🙂 xx

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